田淵 正浩(たぶちまさひろ)Masahiro Tabuchi




週刊雑誌(SPA!、プレイボーイ、ポスト、大衆、現代)、夕刊フジなど、大手メディアの取材多数あり。映画『屋根裏の散歩者』『駅弁』『セックスの向こう側 AV男優という生き方』や、連続テレビドラマ「マグマイザー」などにも出演。共著に『男ノ作法』(徳間書店)がある。

NPO地球元気塾 健康管理指導士、瓜生治療室 健康指導士、弘漢治療院 健康指導士。


Masahiro Tabuchi
Born in 1967. He has been building up his career as a professional of sex and health since his debut as a porno actor in 1990. He is called “Legend Tabuchi” , because of his legendary experiences. He has acted together with more than 8,600 actresses, won the prize “Best Actor Award” in 2016. He is loved by many followers with his gentle and humble behavior and his kindness and generosity.

He studied “快医学 Kai-Igaku” method and oriental medicine for several years to maintain his body, mind and sex life. In recent years, he is giving lectures and workshops with his enormous knowledge and expericenses for “happy life”.